I’m not afraid to fail (Confessions of a Lucky Storyteller)

The other F-word, failure, has a power to it and it always will, if we let it.

Unless we stop treating failure like a deep well of inescapable shame, we are never going to do anything.

Our “permanent record” and the idea of failing a final exam, a grade in school, a driving test, twice, all that shit’s hardwired into us. Hard-wired.

I have failed, huge, in front of live audiences as a stand up comedian and on the internet, in front of *lots* people & guess what?

I survived. So will you.

Inspiring someone is not something I know how to do, but when people tell me I’ve inspired them, that’s very fucking cool.

I’ll take that over any award, anytime.

And what’s interesting, is how much failure I have on my “permanent record.”

Life’s not about failure or success, that’s just a story we’ve been taught.

Let’s take a look at my permanent record regarding raising budgets for projects on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, shall we?

Number of success on Kickstarter and IndieGogo = ONE.

All I did was keep going. That’s why I succeeded.

“Improvise, adapt & overcome” — *that* shit works!

Keep going.