Directing Marcia Wallace in Vampire Mob. She didn’t like guns.

I miss directing.

Never wanted to direct, but then I saw what can happen to my scripts when other people direct them.

It was like handing sheet music over for a heavy metal song and getting a polka as a result.

Once I learned how to operate camera, mix sound, edit and all the other skills it takes to make a story, I knew there were less *actual* obstacles to making a story.

If I hadn’t written scripts in multiple genres, done a little acting, a lot of stand up, years studying photography, made shorts and chatted with mob regulars at a day job, I could not have made (with a lot of help) the stories that exist.

And, maybe, if I kept writing feature specs for years, waiting to be picked, I never would’ve made any story. Life in a batting cage waiting to be called up to the big game of screenwriting is the reality of what it takes. Gotta keep going.

But what happens if life ends before that happens?

What if your life’s work is just a bunch of computer files no one ever sees?

I had to choose what kind of life I planned on living and waiting to be picked was a crappy way for me to live. A tsunami of advice that I listened to for years had drowned both my expectations and my goal of working in the entertainment industry.

The odd thing is that I’ve had a lot more meetings by making something than I ever had writing. And when those meetings led to nothing, as all the meetings I had about feature scripts with agents, managers and producers had done, I still had a story people were watching and enjoying, free, online.

Yes, not getting rich working this way.

But I wasn’t getting rich waiting to be picked.

Sometimes ignoring advice is the best thing you can do for yourself. It also helps when improvising, adapting and overcoming to keep yourself going.

2016 kicked my ass in a lot of ways, but I can take a punch.

There’s always going to be obstacles and deciding how you want to deal with them and live a life you like living is the challenge.

Coffee helps.