Why do they do it? (Confessions of a Lucky Storyteller)

The tiny black box theater in the middle of nowhere that is being readied for opening night, why?

The community art gallery in the middle of nowhere with new work on the walls and wine chilling for an opening reception, why?

At this moment, somewhere in the world, someone is creating art.

Might be visual, might be music, theatre, performance, regardless of the medium, it’s always being made, worldwide.


It might be a job, sure, but much of it is not a job, nor is it a “hobby.” For those who know the joy inside the process of making something a reality, that alone can be enough to continue.

Micro-economies have existed for centuries supporting the production of art in all forms.

The black box theater that will be sold out tonight, all fifty seats gone, filled with friends, family, patrons, other artists, people. Only those in attendance will witness what is performed and then it’s gone.

What if that tiny black box theater was on the internet?

What if the small community who supported that theater was worldwide?

What if storytellers had their own theater to show their work to the worldwide audience who support it?

What if the micro-economy supporting that theater grew for years, creating opportunities to tell bigger stories?

What if you mixed parts of Netflix, YouTube, Community Theater, Independent Filmmaking, Storytelling and “the Arts” & created a new way to tell stories?

What if it doesn’t work?

One way to find out.