Music Seasonality: A Pseudoscientific Study

If you’re anything like Antonio Vivaldi than you know that different seasons have different sounds. It has even been proven by science! Now, I’m no brilliant composer or esteemed psychologist, but, employing a little pseudoscience, I have taken a crack at placing different music genres into exactly the climates they belong.

There are three qualities of music which I have identified as potential factors in music’s seasonality. The first, and most obvious, is lyrics (“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray” — The Mamas and the Papas). Next, consider the sounds and instruments at play (jam bands are big and go on and on, they probably hearken an outdoor space). Finally, music is richly contextual — of a time and place (Nirvana is from the rainy Northwest, Fats Domino from the swampy bayou). Examine below a few examples — simple, yet revealing explanations to vibes we already are feeling:

It goes without saying that this is just my take and that if any type of music hits you at any time of the year, it’s right. What’s important is exploring the subconscious logic behind your moody jam palette. Though there are moments of obviousness (reggae in the summer), the process should ultimately lead to deeper understanding, insights, and doper playlists.

Application and Usage
The full diagram can be explored here. Please note that the spectrum is labeled by coldest weather to warmest (Winter, Fall, Spring, Winter), not chronologically.

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