The first generation to express through emoji

I am currently in the painful process of writing my personal statement for University applications. It’s just a simple matter of constructing four thousand characters that will decide where I live, study and socialise for the next three years — no biggie.

However while I was was trying to force the words from my brain onto the page in an acceptable order, I was struck by a realisation: I needed emojis to express myself.

It happened so fast. One moment I was tapping away at the keys, the next I had my head in my hands trying to figure out how I could demonstrate humor without the use of the laughing face emoji.

I am ashamed.

How dare I say I can write if I cannot express basic emotions without the need of a cartoon?

I fear I have become the stereotypical, socially inept teen. You know the ones your Nan complains about? Yeah.

Please tell me this is normal? Have I really lost the ability to express emotion to an over-rated cartoon? And if so, am I just one in an entire generation of people who have?

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