The universal woes of ‘back to school’

I hate that back to school blues are now mass produced and fed as plastic pens to woeful pupils. What are we trying to teach them? be unhappy you are educated? be unhappy you are getting an opportunity some children would literally die for? How stupid. We should motivate children — being a student is a fantastic experience.

But, I see why it is easy to get disgruntled. I’m in my 13th year of education (so I kinda know how it works) and my biggest complaint is not the 6:20 AM alarms or the bus journey or the lessons or the coursework; but the lack of time.

I get it: I need to work at school. I am happy to work (I even enjoy it sometimes), but I also want to live. And that seems to be slowly slipping away right now. And I’m only two weeks in.

When you have eight weeks to do whatever you want you find passions and hobbies you really enjoy, but you can’t fit eight weeks of hobbies and passions into a full time college timetable (and remain sane).

I know you are now thinking where did I get time to write this, if I am so awfully busy? Well, I am busy. But this is my rebellion. I have chosen not to write about my studies and it feels great. Granted I should be drafting a personal statement to get me into university or writing English coursework or finishing that Politics essay, but I have chosen to rebel. Just like those kids who don't turn up to lessons or hand homework in late, but in an infinitely more timid manner.

I have chosen to take a break and do something I wanted to do — to reclaim some time.

I think it’s an important thing to do. I would encourage it.

So, go do your thing. Rebel.

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