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I haven’t Seen The Syndrome yet but I’m very familiar with its content.

My main criticism of SBS, is that doctors are killing babies by believing in bad science. The original theorist of SBS, which he did not name, never suggested it is possible to shake a baby and cause the “Triad” of signs and symptoms known as SBS. In fact Dr Norman Gutkelch has testified for the defence in many cases. There is no Science involved with SBS, just Circular Reasoning. Nobody has ever shaken a baby and that baby had even one of the Triad, Ever. Nobody has ever been witnessed shaking a baby to death, ever. Not that people haven’t been caught violently shaking babies on video, there are hundreds of cases now of caregivers caught on secret nannycams but not a single baby has ever displayed a single symptom of SBS, ever. In the only study which used a human infant, it was shown that an infant shaking themselves can produce the same amount of force in a Fisher Price “Jumperoo” as an athletic male shaking violently. And the experiment proved that shaking can only produce 1/12 of the force believed necessary to disrupt the Bridging Veins of the Dura Mater.

What the experiment proved is that humans cannot shake hard enough to cause brain damage, in other words, Shaken Baby Syndrome is nonsense, the Science proves this.

The experiment also proved that Short Falls, such as from a couch or bed can produce 12 times more force than shaking. You would think then that the National Centre for Shaken Baby Syndrome, The American Pediatric Association, the Royal College of Paediatricians (UK) and the American Medical Association would be SCREAMING from the rooftops that babies should never be placed on a bed or couch where they could fall?

It seems that they are more concerned with revenge against parents who they wrongly believe shook babies, because their 1974 textbook said so, than they are about he lives of babies? As accusers of parents, they have set themselves up as heroes in their own minds because it feels great to soothe their egos. “If you don’t know what happened to cause this then it must be abuse” is their battle cry, which is reminiscent of the Witch Hunters of Salem, MA. You have to remember the witch hunters were otherwise good, God-fearing people whose faith in the Devil equalled their faith in God. Today the witch hunters are driven by a Moral Panic, that Child Abuse is at epidemic proportions, and Science gets thrown out the window.

There are many cases now where babies have fallen from a couch, taken to the ER and dismissed by “Believers” of SBS, because the dogma of SBS says that Short Falls cannot cause the Triad. When the baby dies a few days later, because the Subdural bleed went undiagnosed and built up intracranial pressure sufficient to cause Retinal Haemorrhage, then these witch hunters accuse innocent parents of Murder, even though the baby died from THEIR misdiagnosis.

Parents, never place your baby where they could fall, it will likely cause brain damage but may take days to appear. Never be dismissed if your baby falls, insist on an MRI and scan of the Retinas, failure to do so may result in the baby’s death and you will be accused of murder. Ask you pediatrician if they believe that it is possible to cause SBS by shaking, if they do, find a doctor who keeps current with Medical Science. Your baby’s life may depend on it, don’t shake, but definitely don’t allow your baby to fall.

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