Why I will be spoiling my ballot

There are ten candidates in my local constituency. However, I have decided that, on 7 May, I will be dropping a blank ballot in the box in protest at the so-called options available to me. And here’s why.


It’s become clear to me that the Conservatives don’t have a plan for the UK. If they did, they would be spending less time attacking a Labour/SNP coalition that probably won’t exist and more time selling their plan. They also refuse to properly address the housing crisis here in the UK, as their plan will only make the housing crisis worse by making affordable homes even more scarce, especially around London and the Home Counties. Finally, where did the money for all of these pledges come from? I thought there wasn’t enough money to go around!


I can never understand where they stand with the country’s finances. For the last five years, they criticised every measure designed to reduce the deficit, but now they criticise the Conservatives for there even being a deficit at the end of the parliament. Now, I have to give them credit for actually costing their manifesto, though they refuse to say how much the overall deficit will be at the end of the parliament. However, they need to acknowledge how much the rich have contributed to deficit reduction over the last five years, and stop making it sound like they got off scot-free, otherwise there is a risk that they will go elsewhere.

Liberal Democrats

Let’s be frank here: their credibility has been shot. While I understand that, both in a coalition and in a state of dire public finances, not all manifesto promises can be kept. But if you’re willing to break a star promise, the kind of promise over which you make a huge fuss, how can we trust what you’re saying now? Which is a shame, because they have one of the better manifestos among the major parties.

UK Independence Party

Foot, meet mouth. Everywhere Nigel Farage seems to go, he seems to try to piss people off. He is making immigrants like me a scapegoat for many of the problems that this country faces, and is making it sound like immigrating to the UK (particularly from a non-EU country) is easier than it really is. Also, what is their plan post-referendum, regardless of the result? That’s not exactly clear.

Green Party

They do understand that there’s hardly any money in the coffers, right? Even though the deficit has come down, our deficit is still higher than what would be allowed had we entered the Eurozone, and they want to keep that deficit higher, and continue running a deficit even after the economy returns to normal. It’s as if they hadn’t any idea how we got into this economic mess in the first place.

The Other Parties

There are five other candidates in my constituency. Three of them don’t understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. One of them is a religious-based party, which doesn’t interest me in the slightest. And the final one hasn’t made any presence, either online or offline.