Mini Project — Swan Song

Swan Song mini project.

I can’t really write much about this mini project because I had no part in the development, pre production or shooting stages, I merely did all the sound effects.

I was asked to do some sound by a good friend of mine Josh Bentley on a mini project that he was working on with my other good friends Harry Longstaff and Isaac Wilkinson about the feeling of inadequacy and being unable to compete with others that have natural ability at things. I agreed and I was sent the video you see before you.

The first thing I did was strip all the audio from the video because it was all from the microphone on the camera and if a chopped and changed between the cameras microphone and my shotgun mic the quality difference would be too great and the film would sound poor. I then watched the film many times and memorised every movement that the character made. I then recreated it in real time using the foley technique. I tried to keep in as simple as possible, but a used slightly thinner paper so that the crackling would be sharper and crisper when it was close to the microphone. I then recreated the audio in real time around 4 times and interchanged different takes at different place to get the best fit. I also recorded myself sighing to recreate Harry’s voice. I also used individual sound bytes to create the introduction and the credits.

Editing Process, Notice it says life cycle, that is an error on my part and I accidently edited swan song on the same library, thus why it is titled that way.
It took around 43 sound bytes to create this 1 minute 14 second piece (Not including ambiance)

Overall I found it very difficult to do and it took me around 4 hours until I was finally happy enough to send it back to the group. Because of the very intricate movements I found myself getting frustrated with the timings, but I feel it was a great way to further my skills as a sound designer and foley artist.

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