Ongoing Practice Based Research

Research I have undergone throughout the year to improve my ability and insight as a Sound Designer. Mostly Videos and articles.

A great insight to the history of my practice.

These films were suggested on moodle and I watched them to get insight, I was already acquainted with David Lynch’s Eraserhead however the others I had never seen. I was especially interested by Berberian Sound Studio.

Chris Fisher introduced me to sound works collection and I find it to be an incredible insight into professional sound design, Not only does it give me tips and tricks of the trade but it also drives me on to do my best and become a proffessional sound designer for film.

FilmSound is my now go-to resource for any queries that I have, it has a wide range of tips, from foley, to mixing to recording on shoot as well as interviews from loads of proffessional sound designers.

Watching Pulp fiction from a professional viewpoint I took time in looking deeply at the sound design, although uncredited Steve Lee was the sound designer for the film. And after listening to parts of the film, rather than watching gave a me a huge insight into the thinking and workings of the film. But what struck me at first was the strategic use of silence

Learning how to equalise and create clear overlays
Another quality video explaining how to fix and enhance audio

Ben Burtt is probably the most famous sound designer there is and a series of interviews on how he created Wall-E was a great inight to his mind set and techniques.

Designing Sound is another great website that is linked with FilmSound it also has lot’s of tips tricks and videos to aid me when I am doing sound work or am in the field.

Rode `NTG-2 the Mic I own
Tascam Dr-05 the recorder that I use as a recorder and an Ambiance recorder.

Since I am working with these two piece of equiptment a lot it is essential that I get to know how they work inside and out these videos were very helpful in helping me to understand what levels I should be using for the situation that I am in.

Watching this film was a great insight to an extraordinary film in which all sound was created in post production.

Creative skillset is a great website about how to get into job roles, I found it helpful in understanding how to get into sound design after I achieve my degree

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