Pupil Gobble Mini Project — Creating a film from stock footage.

Remember, the eye of advertising is always watching you

We were asked to create our own short film of around 1 and a half minutes out of stock footage and this is what Pupil Gobble (Myself, Ryan and Tom) produced. It’s a mixture of very cheesey ads from the 50’s and 60’s as we found them to be the most entertaining adverts around.

We created this piece to outline the fact that alot of what we see today are advertisements in one way of another. And in the generation we live in, there more ways than ever for companies to fill our brains with their products.

The eye is the main feature of the film and it represents the fact that we are always exposed to advertising where ever we look and in this modern age of computing and the internet where adverts are now tailored to our searches, posts, tweets and music, the eye of advertising is always watching us.

Another reason why we chose the old style of adverts is to contrast with the modern adverts that we have today on the internet. Back then traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and radio was the only way that companies could get through to us and as the television became ever more popular, the more over the top and flamboyant the adverts became.