Significant Moment in the Production of my Dance Music Finder App

The most significant moment from start to finish was when I realised there were no similar sites/close competitors to the app idea I had in mind. I wanted to make a simplified music finding app specifically dance music. I looked around the web and could find nothing like what I wanted to make apart from the Discogs explore tool. This tool is extremely wide ranging in search options and expands vastly outside of just dance music to cover all types of music, which makes it complicated to use and hard to target to a certain group of people. Although my app and the Discogs explore section are not much alike, I gained a lot of inspiration from it, such as how they have collated lots of information and media (text, images & video) in an easy to digest format combined with a expansive database. These characteristics are something I would like to reflect in my own app.

After finding this gap in the market it cemented my idea and allowed me to begin building on this initial foundation by thinking of how I could make the app as successful by making it as easy to use and informative as possible. One lesson this moment taught me was that having a good idea for something you want to create is very helpful throughout the whole project as it opens up room for you to focus on other important things within the project itself and not have to worry if you have made a good first step. So it is valuable to do lots of research before starting off an idea in your head in order to give yourself more headspace and allow the idea to flourish by itself.

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