What is your preliminary design challenge?

Identifying the preliminary design challenges for my Final Major Project

The challenge I am trying to overcome, with design, through my project is with music discovery online. When listening to music on various streaming platforms such as: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, they collect information on user behaviour. This user behaviour includes things such as: listening history, searches, interactions, shares, etc. These platforms then use this personal information they have, to recommend you styles of music they think you will like according to their algorithms.

This is a problem as it leads to users of these platforms having narrower music tastes. The filters inhibit the ability for them to easily discover music outside of their current tastes. This is a problem especially for users between the ages of 14–24 as these are the ages when musical tastes are forming and developing.

I want to design a web app which combats these problems by offering a way to find music without the burden of a service knowing information about you and using that information to alter your music discovery experience. This way, whilst using my app, users will be able to diversify their music tastes by finding music they didn’t know they liked or even knew existed. The app would allow you to search music by decade and country through an interactive map interface, giving the user some control of the music they are shown but ultimately the results they are shown vary in style drastically.

I believe having a diverse taste in music is important because music is something which can be therapeutic and by having an eclectic palette, you always having music to suit your current emotional state. A varied range in music taste also make you aware of other cultures, communities and countries through the sounds they enjoy and culture around the music. Music is also something which shapes who you are as a person, especially in your younger years. It can help to form your personality, friends and even opinions so having a vibrant array of stylings that you enjoy will be a positive in these aspects of your life.

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