Let’s Talk About Irrational Fear in the Age of Trump and Alternative facts
Life With Interest

You are failing to address an underlying psychological issue and assume it is irrational simply because of statistical analysis. I’m an engineer that lives daily in operational analysis; same statistics can be used to explain conflicting narratives. The ideologies or irrational motivation behind the mass killings unrelated to Islam are rejected by all but a few. The motivation behind the Islamic related killings is not understood and many don’t want an open discussion that considers an inherent or radical behavior originating from Islam and the prophet Muhammad because they fear being called a bigot. Given Muhammad’s last decade of his life, the religion that formed from this era and the subsequent decade immediately following his death, a serious inspection of the original tenets of Islam should be understood and discussed. Only then can we begin to address the radicalization of the perpetrators who are committing atrocities here and overseas. Unfortunately, the second this is approached most liberals will immediately recoil into a defensive posture or shutdown any dialogue with claims of xenophobia, bigotry, and racism. Do some research on the origins of this ideology and current behavioral differences and similarities. Have an informed discussion. This articleread more as if you started with a conclusion and use statistics to prove your conclusion.

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