CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE is a very timely presentation dealing with the political turmoil exhibited in the current election cycle. It is made up of entertaining musings on the lives of average Joes and Janes and how government and big business have moved into the political arena to all but destroy the hope of our future. It’s different than anything on Broadway and is intended to motivate those whose experiences and ideas are represented and expressed in the play to create a change — maybe a revolution again if necessary. It just had its staged reading at the Davenport Theatre in NYC to a standing ovation and is now stage ready. All we need is you. All our country needs is you. What are you waiting for?

“I wrote Conversations to give us a chance to change a broken political system that most folks seem to agree has to be changed but once again don’t offer a way to do it. And, it speaks the truth to my own true average Joe stories without any partisan leanings and with no holds barred.

What started out to be a work of anticipated relevancy to the election, has become the perfect fit for the most exciting and publicized election we have ever had in our life time.”

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