The Liar vs. The Nut…take your pick!

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, their term is forever ruined by the current name calling. We are ending 8 years of virtual hatred of a president by a significant segment of America, do we want another 4 years of political stagnation? We have a Senate that refuses to even consider a Supreme Court nomination. While our debt keeps going up, the parties can’t agree on a solution and have made it a practice of going down to the wire to shut down the government.

Elections have traditionally been a time for bringing the country together. What ever happened to moving forward…together?

We have had races where Democrats and Republicans sharply differed on issues. When Kennedy ran against Goldwater they disagreed on policy. Conservatives and Liberals presented different opinions. They didn’t hate eachother.

It seems amazing that we have an election where any reasonable candidate…for either party…would have won. Any reasonable Republican could beat Clinton. Any reasonable Democrat could beat Trump. Unbelievable that we have one candidate whose honesty is seriously questioned and the other candidate whose sanity is seriously questioned.

For many, the choice seems to be to vote for a liar or a nut.

Try explaining that to your kids. What are parents supposed to do when candidates question eachother’s honesty and sanity. Shame on both parties for allowing these candidates to run. If nothing esle comes out of this mess at least we should consider changing the way we select candidates and encourage those who are reasonable to enter the races. We don’t need dynasties and we don’t need vast sums of money to dominate the political process. We should not think in terms of another Clinton or Trump who might run some day. Instead we should ask those who deserve to run to make the bold step forward.

Very sad state of affairs. Whose fault is it? Democrats and Republicans. It’s your fault for letting your party fall into disgrace.