Digital Divide

When you look at internet usage around the world, the vast majority of consumption comes from the most developed countries, as expected. Due to the mundane things we generally use the internet for in our day to day lives, it is easy to forget how the internet has completely changed the way we live. The internet may not have been what launched these leading countries into the status they now hold, but it has helped them to soar higher than they ever could have before. So, if the internet has done so much for us developed countries, imagine what it could do for the third world.

Again, we underestimate how much the internet has done for our society since most of us just use it to share videos and talk to friends, which itself is still pretty revolutionary. However, other countries would use the internet for far more significant things, such as how to best grow their crops, what kind of government they want to have rule over them, and so much more. While it wasn’t the internet that developed America or Britain, the internet has the potential to develop the poor areas of china, Africa, and so on. One initiative being taken to bring the internet to these countries aims to have one laptop for every child in the world; a durable, cheap to manufacture laptop pre-loaded with extensive learning programs, providing the child with an education they would otherwise have no chance of receiving. While this may not be the same as bringing internet to these countries, it is a step in that direction, and with further initiatives built on top of this one, it is a dream that can very well be achieved.