Yes, Actually, I WOULD Let My Kid Play Football
Joe Caporoso

A better question to ask is why you need to answer this kid-playing-football question for yourself in the first place. You’re a life time football industry guy — but why would your kid need to do the same? Why Football? Why not anything else? He’s not even born yet and your’e deciding what dangerous sport he can mitigate but still play…this seems like some burried issues for parents in your case. Do you want your kid to carry on in the tradition so you can feel better about what the sport has wrought— generations of men who will suffer and force others to suffer for what the game did to their bodies and brains?

If nothing else, this article highlights just how morally bankrupt the pro-football parents are and how bereft they are of good reasoning skills. Paragraph after paragraph in these types of articles, the pro-football parent searches unsuccessfully for ways to dismantle scientific discovery. The PFP always thinks they’ve somehow shot down a likely response by admitting football is in fact dangerous. However, this term ‘dangerous’ is quite vague. Walking along the edge of a cliff is dangerous. You could fall off and die. Playing football creates micro-traumas or micro-concussions, guaranteed to occur in the act of playing the game and it is likely the cause of CTE and mid-life brain damage down the road. Not to mention if it’s not your kid getting hurt, its possible your kid could severely hurt another parent’s child. How one deals with that, I do not know. I also don’t know how a parent can watch a child slowly tumble down off the cliff rock by rock and then say it’s dangerous…like walking *near* the cliff.

It’s almost as if the Smoking mom of previous decades has been reborn as the football loving father. Weird.

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