December 21st, 2006

wish i could tell you

the hard of this

i cried this morning love typing smiling

the One, you are straight in my teeth

gone 6 days, 5 nights = eternity

phone charging, morning messages waiting.

i believe you, the fairy tales, the princess

obstacles are the easy part- listening/understanding

your love is my day

to keep it; for better or worse.

this love

i’ve dreamed for years

thank you for making

make-believe to me

i love you.

I wish I could tell you how hard this is. I look at my desktop and its crazy. I almost cried this morning. I love you so damn much its crazy. Like I’m typing and smiling because you’re the One and I can even try and deny it or act like you’re not cause if somebody ever asked me and I said no they would know I was lying straight thru my teeth. You’re gonna b gone for 6 days and 5 nights which at this juncture seems like an eternity. My phone is currently charging and I got ur message this morning. I believe you. In the fairy tales, the prince has to conquer what seem like insurmountable obstacles to regain his princess. This is the easy part. Loving you and listening and understanding you is the easy part. I am pretty sure that things like this are what will b the major source of stress in pur relationship, which I’m fine with. Cause at the end of the day, your love is what makes my day and I dont care what I have to go thru to keep it, I am not letting go. I am not letting you go. For better or worse bighead….for better or worse. This love is going absolutely nowhere. You are what I’ve dreamed for for so many years. Thank you for making my make-believe realtiy to me. 254. 143. I love you.