Yasmin Seweid Did Not Deserve to Be Alone When It Happened
Joel Leon.

Yasmin Seweid and Ugly Truths

Buzzfeed has reported that Yasmin Seweid was arrested on December 14th for obstructing a government administration and reporting a false incident. Her story, sources report, was recanted on December 13th, citing family problems as the reason behind the false accusations. Yasmin filed a police report, claiming Trump supporters attacked her on the train, attempted to remove her hijab, while no one did anything on the train to intervene. I was moved to write a piece about the reported incident, being a proud New Yorker, and also a writer who believes in the power of art to heal and translate the world for others. I pride myself on writing the truths of the world, and using my words to put a microscope to those truths and to the people who live with them, who stand by them. I have never had to confront a false truth, a lie that wasn’t something I held to be real in such a way (I don’t count Columbus, Thanksgiving, Bay of Pigs, Santa, Christmas or any other fairy tale), until now. Because false truths move people to do things that normally would not be inclined to do (i.e. — see Election 2016).

I feel ashamed and embarrassed, because thought and spirit energy expended in this way is energy that could have been saved for Aleppo, or DAPL, or prison reform. Protests were held, pieces written, love shared. However, there is always more work to do, there is always more energy, more time. With that, I will pray for Yasmin, for all brothers and sisters caught in the whirlwind of the struggle, for unjust systems. And I will continue to write about the dismantling of said systems, and advocating for dialog across all platforms, by any means necessary. the truth can be ugly sometimes, and I am okay with being a mirror for it all.

With love.