By: Joel Akingunola

I think it was in one of @altucher 's podcast I heard this quote. If you don’t like your (bio)logical family, you are permitted to change them and listen to just your logical family.

How do you get a logical family?

1. Get a list of authors, artistes, philosophers, and any creative person you admire. 
2. Read about them. 
3. Study the "art" that comes out of them. 
4. Follow them on social media ( if they are alive) and turn on notifications to help you receive notifications whenever they post. 
5. Help Them.

How can you help them? 
i. Ingest their ideology(if they have any).
ii. Share their posts et al. with your network. 
iii. Go out of your way to do something for them. 
iv. Subscribe to their podcasts and write awesome reviews about them. 
6. Miracle happens. 
Never ever be limited by the cultural confines of your nuclear or extended family. You are still the average of the five people you spend the most time with so watch it.

Let me stop here for now..

Happy Friday!!!!