As I wake up this Saturday morning, I'm staring at the white turned a little brown ceiling in the medical floor room I reside in on OAU campus. I take a stroll into my 5 years on OAU campus and I thought to myself, "Screw it!!! this university has in no way equipped me with skills required for me to CRUSH IT and at least make impact while making money alongside." You would agree with me that money is also equally important.

As I ponder on this, my virtual mentor James Altucher ( I doubt if you've ever heard that name before, just Google it) sent me a mail that contained how I can CRUSH IT after calling Matt Barrie, the CEO of (where millions of jobs are posted every month) and he gave the following advice as to how someone can make $2000 (1,000,000 naira /500naira to a dollar) every weekend. Instead of getting another degree I would prefer to take any of the courses below and devote some few months to acquiring the skills, then freelance on several sites online and earn cool dollars wherever I am in the world.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture for developers - 
Software Architecture fundamentals - 
Software Architecture & Design - 
The Software Architecture code : Building the digital world - 
Software Architecture: Principles & Practice -

Web Testing & Scraping

Selenium training - 
Software testing tutorial - 
Scraping & Data Mining for beginners and pros - 
Selenium Webdriver & python: Webtest automation course - 
Web scraping for sales & growth hacking with import io -

Web Design + Development

Elements of web design - 
The web developer boot camp - 
Design for developers - 
Design aesthetics for the web - 
Web designer or Web Developer paths - 
Adobe photoshop - 
The platform's biggest and most popular photoshop course -


Illustrating children's book online course - 
Pen & ink : The basics for creating magical drawings - 
Drawing basics - 
The art of the picture book - 
Children's book illustration - howtobeachildren'


Programming for everybody (getting started with python) - 
Introduction to functional programming 
Learn how to become a front-end developer - 
Front-end foundation - 
Foundation of programming fundamentals -

3d Rendering &Architect Design

Professional 3ds Max training - 
V-Ray training - 
Learn unreal engine - 
Learn photoshop for ArchViz - 
Rendering interiors for beginners -


English for journalists: key concepts - 
Accelerated program for six-figure - 
English writing skills course - 
Writing for the web - 
Storytelling fundamentals -

Video Animation

Character animation program - 
The 3D character program - 
The 3D animation program - 
Ianimate workshop series - 
Bloop animation course series -

App Development

Android developer nano degree by google - 
Try iOS - 
Beginner android development - 
Stanford: Developing iOS & apps with suit -

This seems like a lot right??? There are still several industries that could still be explored and the funny thing is that few or no Nigerian university offer these trainings. I would be 22 by March and I might decide to just put a stall to reading to pass exams set by an examiner and just go all in on learning to solve real life problems. Maybe when I'm 32( and have devoted 10,000 hours into developing some of these skills) I would start making some small impact while also making some few dollars. Only maybe. I'm patient. I want to win the WAR and not just the battles.

See you next time I get pissed off at something else.

To your sucess