We are so engaged with everything! Take that as You will —
I don’t mean ‘we’ though. I mean We!
All humans — ever
It’s just, We get a single whiff of something awesome
and We rape it for all its worth
Internet, oil — but I suppose (because I know)
that it’s the same for all organisms
Fire, AIDS — all matter has some sort of —
to make ends meet; to consume
because We (all matter — ever) know
in Our heart-of-hearts
that once We stop eating…

So stopping is — available to Us
To stop is to end something. Our lives stop. When We sleep. When We die When We collapse into the drone that sighs for no one but simply sighs When Our brains stop and Our hearts stop. Our arteries, Our lungs, all valid parts of Ourselves. Our Selves — valid parts of Our Earth

We don’t know who We are, so We look to each other
Who are You? Who am I?

We seem to be nerve-endings. Touching, twisting
Thoughts of our shared reality. Valid thoughts!
We are indeed real! We all are

As Infinity sprawls away from Us, so too does it exist
within Our own thoughts — Our individual minds
Because We are all valid, even if none of Us know who or why We are —
And We don’t!
And Our world spins —
And We don’t get that either
And We don’t get why this happened
And that happened
And it’s fucking marvellous!
Isn’t it though?

Well, I say yes, yes it is.

And — I’m a valid thought in Your world
And — You’re a valid thought in Mine

I say that right there is something
And I think We all can agree something is happening
And if You don’t agree, You don’t matter

To who?

To We

We don’t get what don’t matter
and to Me —
it matters to matter
You matter to me.

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