Why I went into the hard business of ‘senior care’.

Joel Landau began his career in healthcare as a pre-teenager, caring for his ailing grandfather. By witnessing the care challenges (language, custom and diet) his Jewish grandfather endured, he honed his drive to improve geriatric care. For Joel, these healthcare challenges also presented opportunities to create value.

In 2010, Joel Landau and his partners purchased two non-profit Brooklyn nursing homes — the Marcus Garvey Residential Rehab Pavilion and the Ruby Weston Manor — which were on the verge of closing. The group invested heavily in rehabilitating the facilities now known as Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Linden Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The group’s investment in infrastructure and quality paid off and today the centers enjoy a 98% and 100% occupancy rate respectively, and CMS Five Star rating (as of Feb. 2016).


The partners’ success helped launch The Allure Group, an organization that seeks to provide high-quality post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care. The organization is not shy from investing heavily in state-of-the-art technology or innovating programs that enhance patient outcomes. For example, a number of Allure Group centers offer a cardiac rehabilitation program that includes on-site specialty infusion therapy. Further, the group has developed cultural programs that serve Asian, Hispanic and Jewish populations in the Brooklyn area.

The Allure Group is one organization seeking to be a provider of choice for seniors that need post-acute rehabilitation or long-term care. Today, seniors have many choices when it comes to their care. One of the many things aging seniors and their families will have to consider is what type of skilled nursing facility to choose.

Quality of care should be top priority. However, assessing the level and quality of care that a nursing home offers can be difficult. It’s often best to talk to your healthcare provider to find out if a geriatric care facility is right for you or a family member.