#MoreThanCode: The Third Week

I am now at the halfway point of the #MoreThanCode Digital Marketing course. Our teacher is knowledgeable and provides a great balance between theory and real-world experience. This week was all about understanding your audience so that you know how to reach them.

One great example of someone understanding their audience is the Kardashian family. Hate them or love them, you have to respect their mastery of Social Media. They truly understand what type of post works best on a specific platform. For selling purposes and brand awareness this is key. The show is right on brand with what is aired on E! and their audience has contextual knowledge of what they say and where they go. They are preaching to the choir. The audience relates to the family dynamic and usually has a favorite sister.

We then had to create a product and plan how we would market it. We had to decide whether we would use one sister or the whole family. What Social Media channel would we use? Would we use TV or print add? Where would we sell the product?

We were able to decide easily because we understood their audience. My product was a juicer. Knowing the Kardashian’s audience, it made sense to sell the juicer at Macy’s rather than William Sonoma. That is a valuable lesson in how to market to different audiences. End of week 3, this marketing thing is getting easier.

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