3, 2, 1, Live

Lets make one thing clear, I’am not a great basketball player. In fact, my job on the court is to make others look good. My line usually looks a little like: 2pts per game, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 0 steals, and a lot of missed shots. However, there was something about tonight that brought a certain childhood joy back to my life.

I remember growing up with two brothers, one older and one younger. Playing wiffle ball in our small backyard and drilling the ball over the fence. I would feel on top of the world in those moments.. almost as if I had single handedly won the World Series.

Childhood moments mean a lot. Although I didn’t have the best childhood, I really enjoyed the moments I had. Playing baseball growing up, whether it was recreationally or actually playing in a league was always a delight. I remember winning back to back MVPS for my team and feeling amazing. Though that was amazing, I feel that didn’t surpass the simple joy I had for playing the game.

Like in sports, you can collide with diversity in life. Sometimes you will miss the game winning shot, sometimes you will strike out and sometimes you damn well will come up short. The beauty of it all is is that you never really lose. There are no strike threes, there is no buzzer that has time expire, and when you come up short you will have another opportunity to try again.

Life is too damn short and too beautiful to give up on a hard play. Reach out and enjoy each and every moment of it. Catch the final out. Drive the ball to the hoop. Be yourself and cherish who you become. I’m glad to be alive.