“Love Is Like a Flower, You’ve Got To Let It Grow”-John Lennon

Dear Kirsten,

How are you? It’s been a little over a month since you left for the AT and I have simply never been more proud of you. To accomplish what you have already have along the trail is simply amazing! 100+ miles of hiking is nothing to overlook. It takes an incredible person, big heart, and strong mind to be doing what you are doing. Lucy and I have been doing well. We watched the Yankees game last night and the Yankees won! Therefore, the Yankees are now 1–0 since Lucy started watching. Shes a good luck charm I suppose. We love and miss you and are both cheering you on as you continue to relish in the joys and splendor of one of your greatest life goals! Hopefully, times never get that difficult for you on your journey, but if they do please use this letter as a reminder of how amazing you are. I have here a list of examples as to what truly makes you so incredible:

  1. Girlfriend Of A Life Time: Firstly, you’re not girlfriend of the day, of the week, of the moment or second. That would simply be an understatement. You do so much for me and have done so much for me that mere words can’t suffice.
  2. Beautiful And Smart huh?: Yeah, that’s right. It is possible to be both extremely attractive and super smart. I remember when I had a lot of difficulty doing my math homework in community college and you were there to help me every step of the way. You are a great teacher! As far as beauty.. well duh.. I mean look at you!
  3. You Love Me For Who I’am: I have never been with anyone who has made me so comfortable with who I’am and allowed me to be myself. I feel good about who I’am and have a lot less doubts about things that I have had doubts about in the past.
  4. Without A Doubt You Are My Best Friend: I have never been so close to any friends as I have been with you. I feel everyone needs that shoulder to cry on and lean on and I have both with you. I love talking to you and hearing your voice. I love spending time with you and seeing your cute face.
  5. You get me man: Nothing is better than having a significant other who gets you and you do just that. You love eating.. I love eating. You love laughing.. I love laughing. You love singing along crazily to the radio and I the same. Man, you get me.

So, if you are ever upset or had a long day just read this! I hope it helps!

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