Comcast Best Practices:

Let me just blast on Comcast a little here. The whole home internet Data cap should be illegal, I unfortunately live in a “pilot” area so I have a 300GB data limit each month that I easily go over since all my family does is use streaming services. I now have to pay an additional $30 a month to go unlimited again. In a few years when the FCC gets their heads out of their asses they will make it so… But enough of that, let me explain in some detail why Comcast is the antichrist of companies by simply telling my personal story: Comcast will charge anyone, as much as they are willing to pay for the worst possible packages. When we first bought out home, naturally I surfed to order internet service. I found a great “deal” on their “Blast Plus” internet. I followed all of the steps and put in my ccard info. Press checkout button… FAILED. Ok.. Fluke… Try multiple times more. Failed. Ok… I know Comcast is shady as shit, I screen shot the page with the deal and decide to call them next day. I call and they say, sorry we don’t see that deal online. Low and behold, the deal is only accessible via the exact link I remembered to copy the day before! “Suckers!” I say, “I have the link to the deal!” Comcast sales person: “we don’t offer the same deals we have online, over the phone.” Cue cursing in my head. “Ok.” I say “your online store refused to let me checkout, so I just need to finish that transaction over the phone with you.” Comcast: “the best I can do is bundle that internet deal with a basic TV package and it will only cost $10 more than the deal you have online!” Rage in my brain, but there’s no winning, the conversation goes on for what seems like forever and we. finally come to an agreement. To this day, I still have a cable box that sits in a closet that will never be connected. I get the same channels the box offers, with better quality via my. one time $30 HDTV rabbit ears antenna (fact-HDTV antenna offer less compression than your $100 a month HDTV Comcast package). Now, the last part- each time Comcast quietly raises my bill, I have to call and pretend I’m leaving them in order for them to give me the deal again. It’s a gross cycle, and the worst part is, my neighbor may be paying twice as much or less than me for the same deal depending on how long they were willing to haggle the sales person. Oh and I’m lucky if I ever get the speed I pay for. This is just my story, and people have so many more like it. It’s disgusting.

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