You will see it once you believe it… Wayne Dyer

I’m a man out of my time

Let me tell you a story.

Or at least a chapter.

Just a couple of words strung together that relay what I’ve heard, the whispers so to speak. Life lessons that sound pretty darn good.

The details of a series of images that display side by side in a sequence of similar variety. The pixellic dance and disco of lights and color to impress on the retina of your soul.

Or even impressions that feel permanent, only for a fleeting instant of rare sensations. And moving in the flow that is thus created. A simple caress of infinite softness.

It is, as they say, as it was always meant to be…Joey KAriSZma

It seems to me that we over complicate things. Am I right? Who here has never over complicated something just because I felt lousy.

It’s true.

I feel lousy… Joey KAriSZma

I feel lost also. Because there never seems to be an actual guide book on how to do things right, easy and with the least amount of pain and suffering. Am I right? We’re all just doing the best we can with what we have all of the time.

Most of the time.

Shit! Who am I kidding. 
Some of the time.

I lack rites of passage. I bailed from the catholic teachings when I was given the choice. I remember consciously choosing to determine my fate at a very young age. I rebelled against any and all limits that were imposed upon me. Especially the mental barriers.

Asian, Middle Eastern, African and all aboriginal cultures in any of the 5 continents have created, augmented and maintained rites of passage for both the men and the women of it’s community to help with all aspects of life. It’s successes and it’s failures alike. As we learn equally from all situations that help us change in some fashion. Heck, even Christians have rites of passage even if I did bail from them.

If I say that I’m out of my time it’s not out of a false sense of entitlement or pompous arrogance.

It’s mainly because I silently dream of a better world. And as I convince myself that this world I dream of is not actually only possible, but in more ways that one inevitable and essential to our survival; that’s when I fell completely displaced when I wake up before the sun and go to a job I mostly need only to pay for the things that are required to maintain that job.

You just have to recall the faithful, insightful and highly poetic words of John Lennon in his heartfelt cry for peace: “Imagine”.

Because I have sincerely lived the truth that our thoughts create our world. I consciously create, adjust and happify all that I come into contact with. And this in a more abundant way, every day.

As you think so shall you become… Bruce Lee

And I also enjoy :

As you think so shall you be… Wayne Dyer

I believe that we are actually the product of how and what we feel more than think. I mean, the mind is great and all, but thoughts lead to words, then actions then habits and values and then destiny. But the thoughts comes from where again?

Riiiiights, beliefs. Thank you Mahatma. I like to think that our thoughts and beliefs actually come from our feelings, those feelings that want to express themselves and that stay in our hearts. And when I let my heart speak it talks a little like this:

I have no eyes but I see your pain, no ears yet I hear your sobs, no arms but I so wish I could hug you. I do feel your love though, as I am an antenna to that frequency. Vibrate higher, do more of what you love, what makes you smile and wonder as when your eyes were pure and innocent. Let your inner child shine and notice where your light lands, for this will dictate your purpose…Joey KAriSZma’s heart

Tell me, what does your heart keep inside?

Thank you for sharing and caring. When you care and share your feelings, your destiny becomes more and more clear, I promise.

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