The carrot…or the stick?!

I’ve always felt the need to push myself further. Strive so to speak. I believe that this has been ingrained from a hyper-productive society. Always more, always better, always further. So when the Life-Hackers of this world have surfaced I eagerly followed their blogs, Podcasts and fb pages, twitter feeds and whatnot. It used to make me feel like I was not enough, lacking in some way.

If he can do it, how come I can’t?

Well, you know what, I CAN!!! AND I AM!!! And now my youngest son is following in my footsteps. He came to me last month or so wanting a new Wii U game (Nintendo). Splatoon it’s called. I wasn’t inclined to simply hand it over to him, so I made him a deal. I told him :

Son, I want you to have this game, especially that your telling me that it will make you happy. But I don’t want to simply give it to you. So here’s the deal, once you show me that you’re able to dive (it was a goal of mine to teach him how this summer) I will buy you that game.

This started when we were camping, and there was a pool on the grounds. So everyday for a time we were practicing. His mother and sister got involved. We all had different teaching techniques. We showed him, encouraged him and he practiced. This continued for about a week until he finally mastered it (or grokked as the Stranger in a strange land calls it once something is wholly and fully integrated at all levels, emotionally, intellectually and physically) and he got his game and he was happy. And that was that.

Or was it?

I think I have created a monster, so to speak. He grokked it all right. He now comes to me setting himself challenges of all kinds in exchange for a metaphorical carrot. And who am I to deny him a carrot. They are so yummy. For him that translates as video games, at least for now. Later it will be something else. I believe that I am in the process of teaching him the merit of persistence and effort, and how the prize value increases in accordance to the struggle to attain said prize. Mountains and mo hills.

I climbed Mount-Royal vs I climbed Mount Everest.

What carrots are you contemplating?

And what challenge are you ready to overcome in order to eat that carrot?

And where does the stick come into play in all this?

Well, being attracted to a desired outcome is one thing. Pushing away from an undesired outcome is another thing. They both motivate to action, and actually if you happen to work with both attractor and repulsor (invented word but I’m admitting it so it’s okay) the speed of the change will be enhanced. Two sides of the same coin, buys you the same thing.

The process is pretty clear. All that remains is to actually set a goal. So take a deep breath, exhale your limitations and start feeling where you want to be, who you want to become, what you want to obtain and take a minute or two to set a goal. Then, everyday take a step towards that goal until it will be in hands reach and grab it. ‘Cos if you don’t go and grab it, someone else will. And the odds that they will just hand it over to you are pretty slim.

The world is turning and it’s not waiting for you. Run with it and you’ll thank yourself for it.

Thank you for sharing and caring. When you share and care about what you want in life and go get it, the Universe seems to put everything in place for you to attain your goals, I promise.

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