Right Now, Stop Believing What They Are Telling You

Listen up. Your life depends on it. I’m serious, you could be wasting time this way and it is not necessary. Time is the only thing you can never get back, stop wasting priceless seconds this way.

Everywhere there are people telling you, showing you, dang, even begging you to listen to how you need to look at your weaknesses and fix them.

Just open up Amazon and search “self help” books, or walk through a physical bookstore if one still exists in your neck of the woods, and read the titles. Books written to provide you cures to your weaknesses with the underlining message that this will solve all your problems.

They continue to make money from you continuing to feel like you are inadequate, never enough, and always needing to change.

Even clinicians in my field focus on the negative side of their clients. Focusing on what’s your diagnosis, “what’s wrong with you?”, and how can they help you fix your problems. These things may have a place in the conversation but it shouldn’t be the focus.

If the focus always stays on the negatives and your weaknesses how can someone find true freedom from them?

This is why I believe this is the wrong mindset. These people mean well, but they’re missing the mark. You continue to buy their products, books, workshops, and sessions, but never seem to find true freedom from it all.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

It’s because you’re continuing to focus on your weaknesses, not your strengths. And I don’t know if you’re like me, but it seems like I can always find something else I am weak at.

Has this ever happened to you? You are interested in something new and all of a sudden it feels like everywhere you look that particular thing is everywhere! My boyfriend and I are contemplating getting a poodle and I have a car crush on Mini Coopers. Guess what? See them EVERYWHERE NOW! It’s almost like you cannot escape from seeing this new interest everywhere you look. Totally weird right?

Try this, instead of trying to “fix” or improve your weaknesses, you go all in on your strengths. Double, triple, or quadruple down on them. How would your life change if you did this? How much better your life would be with this mindset?

I am a strong believer that this mindset is the game changer of your life.

Hands down, this is how you find freedom from the dark chapters in your life. When you focus on our strengths you will improve. I know this because I have seen it in myself and in my clients. Why would you be any different?

Time to change your focus. Go all in on your strengths and you will see these skills get stronger, your abilities to increase, and world domination take place.

You may be thinking, “How Joey? How the hell ‘going all in’ on my strengths helps me when I still suck at other things in my life?” I am so glad you asked.

Right now I need you to open your Note app on your phone, or pull out paper if you are old school like me. Not tomorrow, I’m serious,right now do it. Write down your answer to this question, “What are your strengths?” on your phone or paper.

Now see this list, this is what you need to focus on, not the length of the list or what you wish was on it, but these characteristics you identified. Ponder how you can improve them, grow them, and how you can strengthen your strengths.

Focus on them, because your life does depend on it.

With my clients I always inspire them to see the great things they bring to the table. I look to uncover the skills they have, and what their strengths are that has helped them survive up until now. Then I show them how using these strengths can help them smash their current life struggles and mental health issues.

You can do this. Quit wasting another second of your priceless time on anything else. Shake up your world. I beg you, go all in on your strengths. I promise you will not regret it.

Come back and let me know how this mindset shift changed your world. Cannot wait to hear from you.