The problem

It’s hard to decide whether your company needs a new website, because you know that:

  • you will have to convince your internal stakeholders (colleagues, management, or Board) that it’s a good idea,
  • there’s a risk that you end up with an underwhelming, late, or unexpectedly expensive product, and
  • you have had, or have seen, bad experiences of investing a lot of time and money, only to end up with a “white elephant” of a website that quickly gets outdated and is difficult to maintain.

More than a victory of physicality, running is a victory of the mind. Not only does it ask of the brain to sustain a body in discomfort; it also asks of the intellect — conditioned to life in a complex, postmodern society — to construct meaning in the mundane activity of repetitively putting-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other. Running is not merely a means to fulfilling ends like ‘healthy living’ and ‘a sense of accomplishment’. There is, there must be, something more to this state of enjoyment, fulfilment; transcendence, even.

This I ponder as I walk home one evening at sunset, tired and content, on…

Johannes Jonker

Web consultant and developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy using my background in technology and business to solve valuable problems.

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