Thoughts On Vision Zero
Chris Teso

City Hall wishing for co-existence of all modes of transport definitely doesn’t make it true.

Portland tries to straddle the idea of being a pedestrian and bike friendly city, but refuses to invest properly in the infrastructure. The result is the city is only fully bike accessible to those willing to take risks in traffic, and step outside the inadequate painted lanes they’ve been given.

Similarly, traffic “calming” on inner East Burnside implemented various crosswalks, with a sign and a concrete island, but no mechanism to fully slow traffic to enable safe crossing. The result is bolder pedestrians making more attempts to cross an unforgiving 4 lane street, with infrastructure that doesn’t necessarily protect them when they do.

Portland definitely wants to have it both ways, I don’t know if ceding everything to vehicle traffic is the solution, but our current patchwork of ideas invites chaos.

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