Peak human performance

I came here three times in the last two years. The first time was with the kids on our way to the highest sky slopes.

The kids and I were celebrating a winter of being and living together. I remember very fondly my son offering a spontaneous thank you on the ski slopes. I could feel the high resonance of his heart pumping. We cuddled and laughed. We enjoyed the moment, simply being and living.

The second time I got here was with my best friend. A spontaneous trip, hiking the roaring mountain, while taking the time to bathe in natural water on our way to the top. Pure blissful nature sounds captured in my soul forever.

The third time I was with a loved one. The day was brimming and we took many amazing pictures capturing effortless play.

Why is it that we live hurried lives?

Society imposes ongoing standards for being and living. In the process, we lose sight of who we are and why we are here.

Nature offers delightful reminders of why life can be so easy and remarkable.

Measure success from a nature perspective: everything happens on its own time. A magical flow of being opening amazing impressionist spaces.

What if leaders’ true calling was to find their own nature?

Build deep resonance with others. Celebrate what is so blissful in you and others daily. Slow down to be in the flow of life.

Playfulness leads to better creative solutions.

The colourful fall leafs are dancing in thin air. I am sitting in the middle of this forest with yellow, orange and red sparkles surrounding me.

Everything is connected and happens on its own time through effortless play.

Honour who you are and why you are here and now.

That’s your biggest measure of success.



P.s. By the way that place is called Mont-Tremblant. One of the highest peaks in the majestic province of Quebec, Canadian mosaic


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