Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind!

Let’s be kind and careful with each other.

The nightmare political situation right now has created a lot of anxiety and trepidation among people.

The nightmare political situation right now is also causing many people to feel alone and hopeless. It broke my heart to read of a trans woman who felt unsupported at last week’s march in Washington. She didn’t think there were enough speakers who represented her particular demographic. I left the march feeling better and feeling more united with all the groups of people who were there and who were mentioned by all the speakers through out the day. The large group of millenial boys who stood next to my group squished like sardines for hours, screaming, clapping, and chanting, when we screamed, clapped, and chanted, proved to me that this event created a unifying message of love, acceptance, tolerance, and support. I’m so sorry this woman didn’t leave DC feeling the same. I wish we could fix that. I wish she would know that the million people who descended on the nation’s capital were mentally hugging her and accepting her and I wish that she could know that we will continue to fight for her.

Which is why we need to be kind and careful with each other at this moment more than ever. Whatever our differences may be, we need to be loving and caring with our fellow human beings. We do not know what is going on in their heads and how they might be suffering right now. I’m guessing there are many of us going through some degree of suffering.

Last night , I was with a friend of mine. We’ve been friends for 25 years. We have huge differences and it doesn’t often feel like we are on the same wavelength, but I think it is a sense of loyalty that has kept us together for all those years.

Last night, when I enthusiastically announced to my friend of twenty five years, my friend who also attended the Women’s March in Washington, that no one could tell me that there were less than a million people in DC last Saturday, considering that the majority of the people I know were there and every stranger at every resistance event I attend was there, my friend immediately replied, “You sound like Tr*mp, now.” I froze. Her words stabbed my heart. Perhaps I am being too sensitive. Perhaps the years of tumultuous friendship caught up at a time when I barely have enough energy for the basic things in life and I am just trying to stay sane. But her words stung and I had the worst night of sleep, full of anxiety. I felt sick. I don’t know why she said it. Maybe she was joking. Maybe I had hurt her feelings unknowingly minutes earlier and she was being passive aggressive in return.

Let’s all be kind and loving to one another, especially right now. Let’s be careful about the words we choose. Because words are powerful and have the ability to scar. There’s enough ugliness in the world at the moment. I hope we are all doing our best to reverse that. And we definitely should not be adding to this mountain of devastating language.