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Product and price have always been the fundamental building blocks businesses need to get right to succeed and thrive.

Intelligent marketing always plays a part in a company’s performance, of course, but without product and price being right image will only get a firm so far.

However, for companies who wish to remain at the vanguard of their industry the focus needs to shift to ‘user experience’. This ‘new’ discipline is set to become a critical topic for the business world.

Worryingly, it seems that a skills shortage in this area looms on the horizon. The lack of formally educated ‘experience designers’ who have the ability to excel in user experience principles needs to be addressed.

Experience is all User experience, otherwise known as UX, refers to all elements of a customer’s interaction with a firm, its products and its services. In other words, its how a person feels emotionally when surfing a company’s website, using its smartphone app or making an online payment. …


Johanna Frelin

CEO, Hyper Island. Former Director of Program Production at SVT.

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