The 46 Minute Mark

As we head into the third and final debate, I am wondering if tonight, this travesty of an election cycle can possibly sink any lower. The answer is more than likely, and sadly, yes. All Hillary has to do is troll Donald with some heretofore yet unknown despicable act in his sketchy past and it will be off to the races.

It was at the 46 minute mark of the first debate that Alicia Machado first came into the public arena. Was that the low water mark? Sadly, no. This five-alarm dumpster fire has been burning out of control since Prince Donald floated down the escalator from his gilded throne in Trump Tower to announce his desire to save our country from the Evil Killary.

Here’s the problem, we the American people are not in distress and not in need of being saved by the likes of this charlatan, selling his snake oil to the alt-right, the fringe of society, and yes, the basket of deplorables. I get so fucking tired of hearing every day about how shitty our economy is after eight years of Obummer. Really? I had not noticed and the numbers do not reflect it. Good jobs are out there. My 401(k) is in better shape than it has ever been, which you should be able to see if you follow the stock market, at all…. Ever. Simply saying the economy stinks on a daily basis, while perhaps an effective and persuasive political tool, does not make it so. We could always do better, though.

Issues of social justice should be at the forefront in this election and they are, but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of coming together to get stronger, we are being forced to choose sides, instead of working together to resolve the inherent racism underlying the rhetoric and violence. Blaming President Obama, a black man, for the state of our current race relations is disingenuous at best and racist, at the very heart of it. To say our country is at a crossroads is probably an understatement, but we simply are and how we respond beginning on November 9, 2016, how we react going forward is fundamentally important on so many levels. I do not have all the answers. Truthfully, neither political party holds the answers. It is going to take a bipartisan coalition to improve race relations and make our country better and stronger than ever before. We are still great and never stopped being great, but we can always be better.

Could our borders be safer? Perhaps, but building a wall to keep the Mexican rapist drug lords out is not the answer. Mexico is not the biggest problem facing the United States. Both foreign radical and homegrown domestic terrorism are significant threats, which need to be addressed. Do you know who is also a threat? Russian President and former head of the KGB Vladimir Putin, who openly displays his desire to compromise the integrity of our democratic electoral process, as his cyber-hacking into numerous states’ voting systems demonstrate. Russian has an innate, visceral and burning desire to destroy us. The Cold War has not ended for Russia, simply with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

If I sound angry, it is because I am. I am angry and I am tired. I am angry that this joke of a candidate EVER got past the primary election. That one is entirely on you, Republicans. Granted, none of the original sixteen, who declared for the GOP primary, induced any sort of excitement in the electorate, but at least they were professional, respectful human beings, with a genuine goodness and desire to serve our country in the role of President. In our ALREADY GREAT country, the greatest country in the world, we should expect better. Maybe we need to change from the two-party system. Maybe we need term limits to prevent lifelong, career politicians from being the true powerbrokers, purveyors of political untruths and, most importantly, the parties responsible for the legislative gridlock, both in Washington and at the state level. Again, I do not have the answers, but I am not running for office.

The stain this candidate has left on our democracy may take a while to fade away. It has ripped the Band-Aid off a seething, festering sore in America, built on hatred and divisiveness. The vitriol continuously spewed is unprecedented and hopefully will just become an ugly footnote in our political history.

My hope is, after November 8th when Hillary Clinton, waxes the floor with his orange carcass, I never have to see his face or hear his angry voice again, ever. Not likely, I know, but a girl can dream. And in my dream, Prince Donald will be vanquished to forevermore languish in the lap of luxury in his golden prison in the sky, free to tweet hate and vitriol at any hour of the day, to any idiot who cares to listen at that point. Bye, Felicia.

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