Week 3

Tuesday marked my first official day of service learning and I was very excited to begin working in the Pre-school! As excited as I was, I still had a few nerves going into it. My biggest nerve stemmed from fear of realizing that I did not like working with children as much as I thought I did or even realizing that I am not the type of person best suited for a job like this. Thankfully the first day went well. I will be working with the children for two hours every Tuesday. The assistant teach told me People Serving People has the capacity to teach about 20 students at a time; ten of these slots are reserved for ten students who have been staying at People Serving People for a longer period of time and the other ten are open to any other preschool on a first come first serve basis (as they can only care for a limited number of preschoolers). On Tuesday, there were only four little girls; Olivia, Rosaria, Malaysia, A’meria. The preschool teacher seems to have a pretty set schedule so it looks like I will probably be coming during their recess time, then eating lunch with them, and helping the teacher put them down for nap time. It was fun and interesting to see the kids interacting during recess and participating in their games that they were highly amused by but were still very simple. I was hoping to be working with them a bit more in the classroom setting but I enjoy working with them non-the-less. I look forward to next Tuesday to see if any of the little girls remember me, meeting other pre-schoolers, and have a better understanding of how living in this environment has affected these children. I also hope to later on extend my time with the pre-schoolers by coming a few hours earlier to be able to see them in a classroom environment or also work in the infant/toddler room.

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