Week 8

While at People Serving People this week, I initially thought this week would be a normal experiences as there was nothing special planned for the children. However, while at PSP and playing with the children I was hit with hesitation when talking to the kids. Because thanksgiving was right around the corner, I would normally ask kids if they were exited for their break from school or if they were going anywhere special for thanksgiving. But when I was taking to the kids, I began to wondering what they would do for thanksgiving or Christmas. Where they would celebrate? How they would celebrate? Would they even be able to celebrate the holidays? Celebrating holidays has become so routine and almost like an obvious thing that I have never really thought of how those who may be living in a family shelter deal with the holidays. When an adult does not have the financial means to celebrate the holidays, although that may not be the most ideal situations for them to be in they understand it is necessary to skip holiday spending. But when a family is unable to celebrate the holidays, children are also affected by this. Children may never experience a “typical” American christmas where they go to a relatives house, eat a huge family meal, and exchange gifts. Although big meals and gifts do not necessarily make the holiday experience, children may not understand why they are “missing out” compared to other kids their age.

This realization further supports how important and necessary family shelter and organizations like People Serving People truly are. These organizations not only help families through the variety of obstacles they may be facing but they also help the children maintain the “normalcy” in their life. Consistency in their life helps children through the transitions of moving in and out of shelters as their family regains stability again.

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