Please Support GetYourGuide’s Initiative for Refugees from the Middle East

We’re very proud that people at GetYourGuide are not only doing a great job at work, but also continuously strive to make an impact outside the workplace. To support their work in our community, every year we chose one of the projects that an employee brings forward and we raise money for it. This year, we have chosen the initiative “Refugees Welcome”. The initiative focusses on transferring refugees seeking asylum in Germany from their current interim accommodation in camps into flatshares or houses.

Dome of the Reichstag (German Parliament)

2015 was a remarkable year in German history. We welcomed more than 1 million refugees escaping the terror in the Middle East. The staggering intake of refugees has been mostly managed by NGOs and voluntary workers. The level of support by the population has been unprecedented and really makes us very proud. However, the most difficult challenge still lies ahead of us: The integration of this massive influx of new citizens into our society!

That is exactly why we like this non-profit initiative: If refugees live with locals, there is a strong incentive to overcome cultural barriers and prejudice. Instead of isolating the refugees in invisible camps, they should be welcomed to our every day life and we should help them to get started. People hosting refugees in their private homes should be financially supported for the work they do integrating new citizens into society.

You can donate to the initiative here. The funding is run by, which is Germany’s largest non-profit donations platform. You can donate using a variety of different payment methods. All donations come with a receipt and are tax deductible.

One last word: This is a very personal matter for me. I live 3 walking minutes from a gym that is crowded with refugees. All of them are very nice people coming from regular middle-class Syrian families. They risked their lives coming here and lost everything they had.

When we are coming together to celebrate Christmas tomorrow with our loved one’s, we should not forget about those people.

Thanks for your generosity and I wish you a successful & happy New Year!


CEO & Co-Founder, GetYourGuide