Are you YOU online?

Are you acting the same way in the digital world as in the real world?

Just for a moment think about your behavior online, the way you post and what you post on your profiles, how do you act online, what picture do you paint of yourself? Maybe go to your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, look at the posts and tweets you have written the last couple of weeks.

Now picture youself standing in a hallway with three doors. Behind every door you find a room filled with everyone you are connected with, a room for your Twitter followers, a room for your Facebook friends and a room filled with your LinkedIn connections.

For every tweet, facebook update or LinkedIn post you have made, picture yourself open the door to the room matching the platform and yell the message into that room.

Now ask yourself the following question: Have you been builing stronger or new relations the last couple of weeks? Have you been talking more about you, or the stuff you felt important to share with the others?

Most people will probably feel awkvard if they behaved offline as they did online, I know I would. But why is it so?