Knowledge is not power, taking action is!

Knowledge is power or is it? We live in a world where we got access to all the information in the world right in our pockets, but that is not necessarily. At this moment I could list multiple podcasts and Youtube channels I follow, I am awaiting several books from Amazon (along with all the books I own and have not read), and two to three times a month I am attending workshops or interactive lectures. Put on top of that all the different blog post, and article I am reading, and you have an insanely amount of information gathered; A vast amount of knowledge added to my mental computer.

Dan Ariely describes, in his book predictable irrationality how something offered for free triggers our minds to fear losing out, and the only way not to lose out is by taking advantage on the offer of free stuff. Maybe all the access to information is triggering the fear that we are losing out on crucial information.

Maybe our mind, that is programmed to release dopamine when gathering stuff, also triggers these dopamine boosts when gathering information. Maybe we are getting addicted to gaining information and knowledge.
Today I went to another workshop called ‘how to make selling painless’ in fact, it was a great workshop. After the workshop I had a talk with the facilitator about the issue that most of the people attending would be right back to ‘the usual way of doing things’ within a couple of days. The information gathered, the lessons learned, would be achieved and rarely used, if used at all.

Knowledge is worth absolutely nothing if not used, it is only taking up mental space, just like old furniture that you never attend to use, is taking up space in the garage. Why do we not throw it out? Because we fear throwing out something we might need later.

Instead of focusing on gathering information, we should focus on what to do with that information: Knowledge is not power, taking action is.
The next time you read a book, a blog post, listen to a podcast, watch a TEDTalk or are going to a workshop, make a choice, a choice of what knowledge you want to turn into action afterward and forget the rest. Write down a to-do what you will be changing in your daily or weekly routines to implement this new action, and do it.

As an entrepreneur, or human being in general, the goal is not to acquire as much information as possible, but instead taking that information and use in to deliver value for others and yourself.

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