Hitting the road again

In my last piece I said I would update in mid-July, that was on 1st July, it’s now 29 July so I’m a tad late, sorry about that, life got in the way. My thinking had been that I was going to be away for just over a week, leaving exactly a week after my last update and the last day I “ran”. I reckoned that a full two weeks would probably be enough to recover and so I would go a run the first Monday after I returned. However, I hadn’t factored in that my holidays usually entail lots of walking, Berlin was no exception. We even visited the Siegessäule, also known as the Victory column, and climbed to the top, 285 steps! 285 steep, tight steps on a spiral staircase, we also walked several miles that day before even visiting the column. My calf was a pain, literally and figuratively, the whole holiday. When we returned I knew running was not an option, so I went lots of walks, some short, some longer, but otherwise rested my calf.

On my last walk, I did my running route and my calf felt really good, slightly tight but finally pain free. I was itching to break into a run the whole walk, and at about two thirds through decided to risk a short burst of jogging to see how my injured calf felt. I was really cautious, probably only a dozen or so strides, at a pace so slow I was nearly passed by a snail. However, it was still jogging and the calf felt OK, no pain, no ache, so good in fact that I allowed myself another short burst a few hundred metres farther down the road, still a short distance and a slow pace, but just a little bit more. All was good, all remained good walking the rest of the route home and later in the day the only negative reaction was a slight tightness and ache, gone the next morning. I was pleased and confident I could get back to regular runs.

As chance would have it, it was a full week before I got out for another run. And it was about as good a way to return from injury, as I could have hoped for. I completed the full route with no pain or other issue and was almost as fast as my PB, or should that be PR not sure what the difference is, if any (feel free to educate me in the comments below), I was just 17s slower. If I had known I was that close I would have pushed a little at the end, I felt really comfortable and am certain I could have taken a few seconds off it. I guess I’ll just have to beat it next time I hit the road.

I’m writing this two days after the run, and I am happy to report that throughout the run, and in the days since, my calf felt good and I have had no adverse reaction. Come Monday morning I will head out again, unless the weather is particularly uncooperative, and will be aiming to knock some time of my PB (PR?), I’ll let you know how it goes.