An ode to Lebanon’s resilience & to its people’s rebellion.

… and extensions won’t ease the pain.

Our sensitivity to ads is a major public issue.

. ​
  • On the internet
    Banners, pop-ups, sponsored articles, video pre-rolls, audio interruptions, spam emails, website background takeovers, push-notifications, entry overlays, chat-bubbles, product placements, …
  • In real life
    Subway billboards, bus panels, stadium names, street flyers, sprayed sidewalk ads, human signs, branded goodies and storefronts, toilet ads, car stickers, blinking signs, audio announcements…

The top 0.1% owns as many assets as the bottom 90%. And it’s getting worse.

“No matter what your educational background is, where you start has become increasingly important for where you end”

- Michael D. Carr…

  • Daily Active Users
    How many users interact with your platform every day?
  • Average Time on Site
    How long do users stay on your platform?
  • Stickiness or retention ratio
    How many users return after their first experience?
  • Viral coefficient
    How many new customers are brought by existing ones?

Selling attention spans

… and why you should really have a look at it.

…because traction is everything.

​“ All you need is users”
- The Beatles, 1967

🌧 It’s raining users!

Georges Abi-Heila

Wanted to be a rapper, became bald.

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