There’s been an explosion of new DeFi projects and businesses this year but few ways to evaluate or compare them. I am introducing a new framework that I built using my experience at Tiger Management, Kingdon Capital, and even my own fund, Sureview Capital, that I call OPENFI.

Analysts across Wall Street use several methodologies and frameworks to evaluate companies and industries. The key to any sound framework is distilling the most important metrics and factors that can measure a company’s success. With the rise of DeFi, many view “hype” as the only requirement to having a successful project. On…

I recently wrote about how bringing sports onto the blockchain is enabling new fan engagement models and investment assets. For this post, I will explore how sports betting could take advantage of decentralized computing to grow the market with new product offerings and reach new customers.

Sports betting is centralized and siloed where each bookmaker (be it an institution or an individual) compiles its own odds. Like most markets, bookmakers rely on liquidity and volume to be profitable. Moving onto a scalable, interoperable platform such as Avalanche provides greater liquidity for bookmakers and more choice for bettors.

Sports Gambling is Big Money and Big Risk

Globally, the sports…

As decentralized and institutional finance continue to find new uses cases enabled by blockchain, there are opportunities to create fast-moving, new products that give investors exposure to industries that are difficult to access. Consider professional sports in the U.S. There is no stock to buy besides fantasy sports, athletic apparel, and television networks. But investors don’t just want to invest in a cable network, they want exposure to the big business of sports itself.

Sports is a tempting industry for investment. It’s one of the largest drivers of the entertainment economy-live sports, concessions, television ads, bars, and restaurants during big…

The excitement behind blockchain and distributed systems technology is, at its core, about making systems more efficient, self-reliant, and less expensive to run. Blockchain replaces outdated trust systems with technology that facilitates transparent and trustless commerce. This framework opens an entirely new spectrum of business opportunities that were previously impossible.

What this means for auditing and human systems in the current financial world

Every participant in a debt instrument or derivative can synchronously verify the contract’s state, rather than relying on phone calls and emails. …

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The hype of blockchain has ebbed in the past few years but its promises are still very real. Cost savings, transparency, and new paradigms for financial services (i.e. new sources of revenue) are closer than most people would imagine — even though countless, over-hyped proofs of concept have led to more reluctance than revenue.

But to borrow and appropriate the wise words of René Descartes:

“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.”

In blockchain, it’s not enough to have a great idea, you must demonstrate real-world value to deliver on…

Financial markets demand innovation. Tremendous value can still be found in upgrading legacy financial market infrastructure and processes, which is why I began my own company. The past twenty years of fintech, finance, and the infrastructure around them have seen new products, new services, and new market entrants. The digital world continues to find new opportunities to make finance more efficient and democratic.

I founded Investery to tackle a need in private securities that markets have been demanding for years. Private market investors lack so many of the tools available to public markets that they have trouble making trades at…

Regulation — simply the word was once enough to send a shudder down the spine of the crypto community. One of the primary drivers behind the success of blockchain is a libertarian, anti-establishment set of beliefs, and conceding to regulatory bodies in an attempt to fit into the existing financial framework seems to go against the beliefs upon which the blockchain ecosystem was built. Yet it has become abundantly clear in the past year that in order for blockchain to succeed, there will need to be some degree of assimilation with the traditional way of doing things. Sure, blockchain as…

You own a startup, or an office building in Manhattan, and you’ve heard a lot of buzz about turning your asset into a security token. You likely have many questions, such as “What is a security token?”, “Why should I use a security token?”, and “How do I do that?”. I am going to help answer those questions and explain why issuing a security token is just a faster, more modern, and more valuable extension of a traditional security issuance.

What is a security token?

A “security token” is legally identical to a traditional security. The only difference between a…

San Francisco, CA
November 2018

As the organizer of the SF Security Token Meetup and NYC Security Token Meetup, I have tried to foster discussion outside of what is directly relevant to me in order to grow awareness for the various obstacles around tokenizing real world assets, custodying these assets, trading these assets compliantly, etc.

When I first created these Meetup groups I did not think that we would get so much interest. I was wrong. The first SF Meetup that we organized around security tokens had more than 200 people RSVP, as did our second SF Meetup. People were…

October 2018
San Francisco, CA

Recently, I have been on the road speaking at conferences such as the Startengine Summit, at a Fireside Chat at Commerce Ventures and hosting my own meetup during SF Blockchain Week.

Many panels do not have enough time to dive deep into the bare meat and bones of the topic and only touch upon surface-level points. During any discussion, the most informative panels, in my opinion, have been those that do not shy away from a little conflict between various panel members who are asked to defend their assumptions and positions.

We have had various…

John Wu

President of AVA Labs, @Cornell and @HarvardHBS alum. Bridging blockchain and finance, one market at a time.

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