Formal Proposal: Hat Day(s)?

A campaign was run, a campaign was lost — but I doubt anyone would deny that we are most eager to see some sort of softening in regards to the hat rule. I understand that this is not simple, but I believe some exceptions can be made. While this has been brewing for just over two years, many have begun to complain that West Valley, our long time rival, is celebrating the upcoming and pivotal Battle of the Bell in an exuberant way — this is making many of us jealous — why, you might ask? Well, we aren't celebrating this event, leading up to it, in any way at all whatsoever.

Now, to remedy both of these problems, I propose that we have a Hat Day, and in the future, have specified Hat Days. Perhaps to celebrate certain significant events? I’m not sure, I’d like more input on this, of course. I believe that integrating a Hat Day into the week leading up to the Battle of the Bell would be very well appreciated by most if not all students. Along with that, perhaps have a themed week, where a Hat Day would fit in?

In closing, I’d just like to state that this is not impossible — prior to the election, I was approached with a compromise. That of course didn't work out, but clearly there is some wiggle room.

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