Syrian Refugees and U.S. Immigration

Many are concerned about refugees from war-torn countries and have a sincere desire to help them by taking them in. Others have grave concerns about threats that may come from taking in such refugees.

There has been some rhetoric about those such as Trump wanting to bar all Muslim refugees. Actually, he has never stated that all should be barred. No one is saying that all immigrants of any religion should be barred from entry into the US. So, the childish straw-man arguments need to stop. However, there are valid reasons to more closely vet Muslim refugees who come from countries where ISIS has invaded.

First of all, the refugees could easily include covert ISIS fighters who want nothing more than to strike at the U.S. (Intelligence official: ISIS to attempt US attacks in 2016)

Second, based on polls among Muslims, there is a serious tendency toward terrorism not found in any other major religion: The Quran and Violence in Islam

Third, Suicide terrorism across the globe hit a record high in 2016: Suicide Terrorism Across the Globe Hits Record High in 2016

Fourth, you can easily end up with Muslim demonstrators chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Caliphate as happened in London recently: USA you’ll pay!’ UK Muslims chant Allahu Akbar in 2nd march in 3 days to demand Caliphate