How Can A Linux System Administartor Work Smartly!!

How Can A Linux System Administartor Work Smartly

It is mostly the case in different organizations that the job of the system administrators is not visible to the other IT staff or the end users. Considering this, there is a unique look or expression on everyone’s face such as the system administrators do not perform any work. 
Elaborating this in a broader perspective, there are two types of system administrators. One fall in the category who work around all the time, constantly worrying about the production issues. But the truth is that these are not actually doing their job. The another type of system administrators, always seem to be relaxed, don’t have any visible work that would show that they are doing some work. These people are actually the one doing their job. 
This attitude doesn’t mean that such a system administrator is of no use and literally does no work at all. It depicts that he/she is working smartly and managing all of them, thereby leading them to completion. 
So, how A Linux System Administrator Should Be Like:


Being the Linux administrator, it does not mean that they should be all the time delved in their work and always worry in completing their tasks. The administrators should consider their work an amazing task, and think that they have the machines who would do all the task for them. All that is required from their end is to feed everything in the machine and let it do all the heavy duty tasks. This would simply require a change of attitude and then you will do just perfectly.


A smart system administrator is considered to be as the master in the scripting languages as bash, awk, sed, etc. Being an expert in such scripting languages, the Linux administrator makes the most of all the tactics such that those tasks that might be needed in the future frequently, he/she makes a script of that and then utilizes it effectively. Doing this, is for the system administrator’s own benefit as, if some similar task is required in the future, then he/she does not have to do something from scratch.


A Smart Linux administrator would be the one, who will keep for himself everything redundant ranging from all the components of hardware and software such as dual network cards, dual power, dual hard drives and similarly dual of everything. Managing the operations in such a manner would prevent any issues in the work and in “no worries” in case any component of the system fails.


A smart administrator would make sure that he/she uses keyboard shortcuts for all his favorite applications. This tactic is made a part of the daily schedule in a way that when the administrator uses a specific application he/she becomes a master in it utilizing and memorizing all the keyboard shortcuts. When work is done in such a manner the future upcoming works do not take so much time.

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