The best tips for business handout designs

If you don’t want your business handouts to end up in the trash you need your marketing efforts to catch attention and take an action, here are some of the best tips for your business handouts that can give a better impression on the viewers

Add colors

Bright and eye catching colors will add cheese to the business handouts and grabs attention of the viewers even from across the room

Infuse it up

You can use different types of fonts and sizes to make your business handout design most outstanding

Keep It Simple

Adding simplicity and elegance to your design will create a lasting impression. Make sure that your business handout design should have enough space that it can breadth properly. A border followed by pictures and white or orange center makes the flyer simple and elegant

Have fun with patterns

Studies show that human eye always catches the patterns, using patterns creates a striking visual effect that grabs every viewer’s attention and for sure people will glance at your business handout design more


Shapes are also great at getting one’s attention unlike patterns if they are applied in a creative way

Work the Details

The design you create should express even small details, but it should give an impression of being messy. Using a suitable and restricted color creates a balancing effect. Using effective patterns and shapes also makes the flyer stick to relevant subject and theme

Choose a Color Scheme

Sticking to your brand colors or using the colors from your company’s logo really binds your design together

Act with the season

If your business handout design is associated with any event, occasion or holiday that falls in the certain time of the year. Stay tune to it and use visuals to best describe your business handout design. The viewers at a glance will get nostalgic and familiar to the design

Make Space

While designing a business handout, make sure your elements are spaced considerably, fonts and images are aligned. Poor alignments and messy design can bring your business handouts to disaster

Give an artistic touch

You can also give a touch of leading lines from the arts concept. The trick behind using the leading lines are almost clear with its name. The leading lines are used to draw the attention of the viewers directly to the object

Use high quality image

Whenever you think of inserting photographs of your business handout design, make sure the photos you use should be of high quality, using a clear high quality image, especially when designing a tourist business handout makes the viewers feel that they are into the scene

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