The need for detoxification of your body


Detoxification is concerned with resting, cleansing and purifying the body from inside out. Removing and eliminating toxins and then providing your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying aids in protecting yourself from disease and increase your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a variety of methods including yoga and meditations as well

How do detoxification works?

Detoxification is concerned with purifying the blood, the process of detoxification is done by clearing away contamination from the blood in the liver, kidneys, intestine, lungs, skin and lymphatic systems

Detoxification stimulates body’s natural cleaning process by

· Resting the organs

· Increasing the functions of the liver to purify the blood

· Increasing the bowel movement to clarify the kidneys, liver and skin

· Improving blood circulation

· Rejuvenating the body with healthy nutrients

What are the indications that you need detoxification?

If you feel the symptom such as;

· Fatigue with no appropriate reason

· Irritated skin

· Allergies

· Low grade infections

· Puffy eyes

· Bloating in the stomach menstrual problem

· Anxiety

· Mood swings

· Mental confusions

These are some of the best ways to help your body detoxify

· Fiber foods, including brown rice and fresh fruits and vegetables including beets, radish, cabbage, broccoli are best detoxifying foods

· Cleanse and secure your liver by taking herbs dandelion root, milk and drinking green tea daily

· Regular intake of vitamin C helps produce a component called glutathione, that clears away toxins

· Drinking at least 8 glasses of water helps you detoxify much quicker, try to keep a water bottle where ever you go

· Breath deeply to help oxygen circulate well in your blood

· Try to ease stress and negative thoughts by replacing it with positive emotions and light activity

· Hydrotherapy can also be very effective in detoxifying, hydrotherapy can be done by taking a very hot bath for five minutes and afterwards cold bath for 30 seconds, repeat it three times and rest for 30 minutes in bed

· You can also take sauna bath so your body will sweat and reduce waste through perspiration

· You can also detoxify by taking foot spas to remove toxins through pores

· Another best way to detoxify is by undergoing intense exercises for an hour every day

Before undergoing any health treatment or opting for herbal supplements you must consult your doctor and discuss with your doctor if you have any serious medical conditions

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